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Whether you're here to make a single jump for adventure, or want to learn to skydive for a lifetime of fun, we have a program that will suit you. Most people start out with a tandem jump and if they choose to continue, they transition to static line or AFF training.


The tandem is the easiest and fastest way to experience your first freefall.

After less than an hour of instruction, we will fit you with a harness that attaches to your jumpmaster's harness. You will have a 20 minute flight during which you can view the beautiful Willamette Valley and review your training. When you near the exit altitude, your jumpmaster will firmly attach the two of you together. At exit altitude your jumpmaster will guide you both out of the airplane. The two of you will fly together for approximately 40 seconds, reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour. At 5000 feet (approximately one mile up) you will have the opportunity to pull the ripcord that opens the parachute. Your jumpmaster will be right there to help if needed.

After the parachute opens you will have the opportunity to assist in the flight through the sky for another 5 minutes during which time you and your jumpmaster will fly precisely back to the target.

For those who want more responsibility and exposure to the freedom of jumping on their own, we also offer two kinds of skydive training: static line and accelerated freefall (AFF).


During the 4 hours or so of instruction you will be taught everything you need to know to perform a safe skydive. After having completed the training to both your instructor's satisfaction as well as your own, you will gear up, load up, and fly to the altitude of 3,500 feet. At that height you will climb out and push off from the airplane at the instructor's command and assume the body position you rehearsed in training. The parachute will be extracted automatically by the static line and you will then fly the parachute with guidance from the ground during your descent to a safe landing.

If you choose to continue with your training, you'll make several more jumps until you've demonstrated your ability to safely activate your own parachute. Your jumps will be from higher and higher altitudes and longer and longer delays until you've completed the requirements to be a solo jumper.


The most advanced and ambitious training is Accelerated Freefall (AFF). During a 5 hour class you'll learn everything included in the static line course plus how to control yourself in freefall and activate your own parachute. AFF is authorized by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and is recognized around the world as the elite method of instruction for student skydives.

In fact, George Bush senior, President of the United States from 1988 to 1992, recently fulfilled a World War II promise to himself to skydive for fun. He was trained by the AFF method and made two skydives at age 73 and 75.

After a brief climb to altitude your USPA-certified instructors will have a firm harness hold on you and will control the climbout, exit, and freefall from 12,000 feet. You will fly through the air receiving instructions from your instructors with hand signals. Only after you activate your parachute, with assistance if needed, will you be released from the grip of your jumpmasters. You will enjoy a 6 minute canopy flight while your jumpmasters guide you from the ground to a safe landing.

During future jumps you'll learn more and more skills and eventually be accompanied by only one instructor. After a minimum of 7 jumps you'll be ready to skydive on your own!