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Eugene Skydivers welcomes the experienced skydiver as well as students and tandem jumpers. Our two Cessna 182s are constantly flying with 4-ways, 2-ways, mixed loads, and fun solo jumpers. When the mood strikes us, we organize formation 8-way loads as well.

Our family atmosphere lends itself well to all of the disciplines and jumpers often find themselves crossing back and forth between RW, freefly, video, swoops, demos, and jumps which can only be called bizarre.

As you can probably tell, we don't take ourselves overly seriously at Eugene Skydivers. We're not that kind of people and this isn't that kind of place. We're here to enjoy ourselves, promote safety, explore the endless world of skydiving, and bring that pleasure to as many people as we can.


Eugene Skydivers has a full-time rigger on site. We're always happy to help you with your reserve inspections and repacks, gear assembly, and repairs.

We are certified dealers for a wide variety of manufactures and can help outfit you with containers, reserves, mains, jumpsuits, and accessories, all at extraordinary prices. We pride ourselves on our ability to recommend and fit you with fine-tuned choices to help you fly better, safer, and happier.