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Eugene Skydivers is located in the Southern Willamette Valley and our customers generally come from Eugene, Corvallis, Roseburg, the Oregon Coast, and Southern Oregon region. However, folks from all over the world have jumped with us. Come on by and check us out.

Eugene Skydivers is open Thursday through Sunday during the spring, summer, and fall months. Our team are professional skydivers who emit passion about what they do and can’t wait to share their skydiving knowledge with you. Below are a few things that set us apart from many others facilities around the United States.

Our Team

All of our tandem personnel must have a minimum of 500 skydives and three years in the sport before they are qualified to jump with our guests – but we don’t hire on skill alone. We’re in the hospitality business and we ensure our team are not only qualified but also have great personalities.

man with Giants jersey sits in the door of Eugene Skydiver's Cessna plane

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