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At Eugene Skydivers, we take pride in providing our guests with a top-notch tandem skydiving experience. We work hard to ensure our customers have an unforgettable experience when they jump with us. But don’t take our word for it, let them tell you themselves! Please take a moment to read a few of the skydiving reviews our guests have left us.

Dennis Waters

The staff were very welcoming and enthusiastic such that it felt completely normal to jump from a plane at 10k ft for the first time ever. My friends and I had an incredible experience! Do it!

Josh Chastain

Had a amazing time jumping with urban and mark .... to all the people who have been thinking about skydiving, Eugene Skydivers will give you a excellent experience!

Amy Brush

My husband has jumped twice and yesterday was my first. We had a great experience! Will do it again!

Robert Sieveking

Had the best time falling out out a plane!!! Awesome experience.... found a whole new hobby! Thanks Urban!!

Melony Baker

Our group of 8 had so much fun we are ready to do it again!! Thanks for the Amazing Sport!!

Heather Howard

Urban is fabulous and this is by far the best place ever!

Michelle Rooker

Such a great experience! My son and I had a blast! Thanks so much!!! You guys Rock!!!

Brenda Wright

My husband and I celebrated our first anniverary here and it was amazing! Urban and Darren were awesome. They took pictures of the entire experience. So glad we made the choice to spend our anniversary with Eugene Skydivers. Wouldn't change a thing...

Anna Konow

Eugene skydivers is very knowledgeable! They know what they are doing, and have a fun time in the process! I've done 4 tandems, and would do another tandem any day! :)

Kayla Mosley

Had such an amazing time! This was my 21st birthday gift to myself and everyone there just made it so memorable! And the views are unbeatable! Definitely recommend Eugene Skydivers!

Ryan Leno

Nice people that know how to have fun. They are great with the jokes--but the sweet dive and smooth landing is the real punch line!

Kayla Thamert

Decided to commemorate my 30th birthday by jumping out of an airplane. So glad my fiance and I chose Eugene Skydivers! Urban and Darren were great! The atmosphere is laid back & fun, but still professional. These guys definitely know their stuff.
If you're on the fence about springing for the picture deal, DO IT! It was so much fun to come home and scroll through all the ridiculous terrified/elated faces. Plus, they make killer profile pics! :)

Sarah Galvez

Eugene Skydivers certainly knows how to show people a great time! We will definitely be repeat jumpers! Mark was fantastic and the perfect mixture of friendly, informative, funny, and hospitable. He made me feel safe and looked out for every step of the way. Great first jump! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amanda Crandon

Everyone there is amazing!! I've jumped here many times and it feels like home. Can't say enough good about the experience and the crew!!

Jay Wright

What an amazing experience my wife and I had today jumping out of a perfectly good airplane there are really no words to describe it overall awesome time

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