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Skydiving Eugene, Oregon since 1992

Eugene Skydivers is a small drop zone located in the Willamette Valley on the western side of the cascade volcanic range. Eugene Skydivers has been at the Creswell airport just minutes south of Eugene since 1992. Since then Eugene Skydivers has been making people’s dreams come true by experiencing the incredible reality of skydiving from an airplane high above the majestic Willamette Valley.

Mark Shoemaker of Eugene Skydivers walking in landing area with parachute over his shoulder

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For those individuals that want to go on and continue to learn to skydive ON THEIR OWN, we can provide services for you as well. We can train you to skydive safely by following the safety recommendations and guidelines of USPA. Taking the first step of USPA membership will start you on your journey of skydiving throughout the world. If you make the decision to learn to skydive with us and complete our training program, we are confident that you will have the skills to skydive safely at other locations. After the full completion of our course, you will earn an “A” license that is issued by USPA. This is recognized worldwide as a standard of safety and performance and is typically accepted as such at participating USPA drop zones. Ask us for more information on learning how to skydive here and begin your journey traveling the world with a parachute.

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