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If you've never left an airplane before it landed, you probably have a lot of curiosity about our strange sport. This is definitely a case of there being no stupid questions! Your enjoyment and safety will depend on your thorough understanding, so ask anything. Many common questions are answered here but don't hesitate to ask your instructor anything that you want to know.

  1. What's special about Eugene Skydivers?
  2. What should I wear?
  3. How long does the training take?
  4. How long does the skydive last?
  5. Can I train and jump on the same day?
  6. How is this different from an amusement park ride?
  7. Does it feel uncomfortable like falling?
  1. Can I buy gift certificates?
  2. Are there age limits?
  3. Are there weight limits?
  4. What if my health isn't good?
  5. When is Eugene Skydivers open?
  6. What kind of equipment do you use?
  7. Do I need reservations?
  8. Are deposits refundable?

What's special about Eugene Skydivers?
No one can be everything to everyone. Eugene Skydivers is not like many other drop zones, or perhaps we should say they aren't like us. We don't have the biggest and fastest planes, but we're friendly, approachable, outgoing, and we sincerely love the sport of skydiving. We're fully committed to giving you a memorable, safe, exciting experience. Often people will come for just one jump and enjoy it so much they stay for the full student training. Our loft is usually full of experienced skydivers who learned here initially and never left!

What should I wear?
Dress for the inevitable Oregon variety pack of weather. We will provide a jump suit, gloves, helmet, and goggles.

  • Head: Long hair in a braid or tied. We will be flying at 120 miles per hour. Glasses and contacts are fine. We have appropriate goggles for both.
  • Upper body: Tee shirts must have sleeves. Turtlenecks and sweatshirts that are not bulky. No hoods. Your jumpsuit will be snug over your clothing.
  • Lower body: Comfortable pants, not too baggy. No shorts.
  • Footwear: Tennis shoes, snug loafers. No sandals. Minimal cleats because we prefer to slide upon landing.
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How long does the training take?
Training for a tandem jump is quick — generally around less than one hour. Training for your first static line jump is 5 hours. Training for your first AFF jump is 6 to 8 hours.

How long does the skydive last?
A tandem or AFF jump is generally from 10,000 to 12,000 feet. The airplane ride takes about 20 minutes to get to altitude. Once we leave the plane there is between 40 and 50 seconds of freefall followed by a parachute ride of 5 to 6 minutes. Static line jumps are from lower altitude — around 3,500 feet — so there is no freefall. The parachute ride is about the same as the others.

Can I train and jump on the same day?
Yes, you will train and jump during the same trip to Eugene Skydivers. In the unfortunate event that the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll schedule for another day. However, there are no refunds due to weather.

How is this different from an amusment park ride?
The difference is this is real! You're not strapped into a mechanical device that simulates high speed and excitement. You'll be leaving an airplane 2 miles up. You and your instructor will have a view of the ground and sky that reaches all around you in every direction — including DOWN!. You'll be literally flying through the air, controlling your motions by cupping and shaping the wind with your very body. The world will approach you at what seems to be a slow crawl, but as you get closer, the motion will seem to slowly speed up. Once under parachute, you'll hang suspended in the sky like a bird slowly drifting back and forth in the wind.

Does it feel uncomfortable like falling?
Not at all! There is no falling sensation or "elevator" stomach feeling. The airplane is flying at 80 miles per hour when you exit — it feels more like swimming than falling.

Can I buy gift certificates?
Yes, we offer gift certificates in any denomination. They are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Are there age limits?
You must be at least age 18 to do a tandem skydive. There is no upper limit to your age, so long as your health is generally good. If you're older, you should consider your strength, flexibility, and coordination before you make the decision to jump. We also reserve the right to refuse to train you or take you on your skydive if we don't believe you are fit enough to be safe.

Are there weight limits?
Sorry, but if you exceed 220 pounds we cannot take you for a tandem skydive.

What if my health isn't good?
Skydiving isn't an extremely strenuous sport, but it does require you to be generally in good health. You must be strong enough to handle yourself in freefall and under parachute. You must be limber enough to stay crouched in a small airplane for 20 minutes. You must be able to handle the landing which, even though it's usually gentle, can sometimes be less forgiving. If you have any questions about your ability to skydive, you should definitely consult your doctor first.

When is Eugene Skydivers open?
Eugene Skydivers is open 5 days a week.

What kind of equipment do you use?
The most advanced state of the art equipment available today, professionally maintained with an on-site parachute technician.

Do I need reservations?
Tandem walk-ins are always welcome, however the weekends can be very busy and reservations are recommended. AFF and static line training requires an instructor. Generally the classes are conducted on Friday evenings then completed on Saturday morning, but classes can also be arranged during the week for your convenience with prior notice.

Are deposits refundable?
Deposits are nonrefundable for any reason, however they can be used at another time in the case of weather or mechanical issues.